25 January 2009

All I Want

Back in November, I was a field organizer in the Georgia Senate runoff and going to school. Needless to say, I wasn't getting much sleep. I was in AP Lit one day, exhausted, busy, and stressed (probably my favorite way to be), and I said to my friend Sammi, "All I want is to take naps and make cookies."

I think that's the truest thing I've ever said. At the point when I said it, it was true. Tonight, when I'm supposed to be catching up on a week's worth of schoolwork, it is still true.

Maybe these seem like simple requests out of life. Sure, I have an inescapable urge to try and fix things and help people. I'm an organizer, whether I'm in school or not. But sometimes, goals and ambitions are too much to handle. I just need to take a break from everything and wait for the oven to preheat.

Instead, I've got another book and a half to read tonight. All I want right now is to take a nap and bake some more cookies.

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  1. Great posts! Let me start by saying that your time off is much deserved. Being a rock star is tiring. You had to come home off tour at some point. The fam would have missed ya.

    To the points you make about the cultural anatomy of a Georgia girl, I totally agree. Georgia is not a intellectually leprous colony of backwards individuals. I will say that what comes to us in the way of progressivism (sp?) is a little slower to come. But we have taken some giant steps that are to be noted....The Georgia lottery, for instance has afforded millions of Georgia's young people the opportunity to go to college. While it has its flaws, its a system that works well as is the envy of many other states that are trying to institute such a system.

    Ha! Take that naysayers.