13 February 2009


High school Valentine's Day has got to stimulate the economy at least a little. So many balloons. My homeroom teacher called the whole ordeal VD -- infectious and drippy.

I woke up at 4 to make cookies for a friend's birthday and was overall not in a good mood, sleepy and alone and sad that I have to put my trusty minivan to rest. On my way out of my lit class, my friend Sammi points to a Valentine on the floor. I pick it up. It's for Sarah! From Allie. Apparently, Sarah is purrrfect. There's a picture of a cat on it too, in traditional elementary school style.

So this is for Allie, wherever you are. I hope the intended Sarah doesn't miss her valentine too much, cause I needed it. Made my day.

I left it in a different hallway for another Sarah to find. My little contribution to somebody's happiness for the weekend.

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