07 April 2009

SB09? A Found Poem.

Do they drive like that in Michigan?

Things I like:
Jack and Diane

jet engine planes
free wifi
the sound carrots make
you guys
color me happy
John Mellencamp
crunchy peanut butter
New Orleans
grand marnier
blue monster
shut up.

my mom is a nurse practitioner fml. LOL deborah is a bitch fml. i wish i had a room to myself. and u guys of course. i wanna fuck *****? lolz fml. i want anyone. fml don't give me his phone number sarah i will strangle you not really though because i love you much more than idk anything what is on my left leg????LOL idk..... take off your pants and jack it.... lolz all the leaves are brown and the sky is grayyyyy

the end.

Ooh baby I love your way.
Ooh chile things are gonna get easier.
Gonna pull a superchug with that?
Oh. That's your foot.

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